I am a Student Affairs professional who loves technology. While I used to think that was unique, I am quickly finding out that there is a whole growing community of us on line! This is fantastic, because with our growing numbers, we might be able to convince our colleagues to come out from under their desks and try some of this scary poptech!

I created my very first website in 2003 and became hooked. I’ve been creating websites and using popular technologies (“pop tech”) in my job ever since. My ultimate goal is to create an easy to use website for my fellow student affairs professionals that will demystify technology and make it easy to access resources to use in the workplace. I also promised one of my grad school professors that I would update my resource page (2006) for building eportfolios for the CSP grads from my Alma Mater, BGSU. It’s amazing how quickly these things become out of date!

Currently this blog is a collection of my newsletter posts for the Northeast Association of College and University Housing Officers (NEACUHO) and Boston Area College Housing Association (BACHA) Newsletters. Hopefully my contributions will grow as I make time to build on this site.

The views on this site are my own and do not reflect the views of the institution at which I work.

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