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This website has been put together to help BGSU's 2nd year CSP students learn the basics of web design for their 605 electronic portfolios. I hope that you find the site helpful! Please note that many links will not work, as they are examples of what you can do.
Please feel free to conact me with any questions :)
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Web templates provide the framework for your website. To create your website from a template, you basically make changes like title, links then add your content - text and photos.
Interspire web free templates
Dreamweaver resources free templates
Webzone free templates
Macromedia Dreamweaver templates
Hoover Web Design free templates
Smartwebby free templates
AdesDesign free templates
Templates box - Photoshop templates
How to get a BGSU personal account
Download Dreamweaver for FREE
BGSU Dreamweaver Tutorial
BGSU Photoshop Tutorial
HelpfulHints.org - more tutorials!
The links above are to basic tutorials on how to build your own website
Macromedia Dreamweaver support - Offical Site
Photoshop as a web tool
You can also use Adobe Photoshop as a web design program. Different rules, but same basic concepts. Download Lesley's photoshop tips
Example site: Lesley McRae
Publisher as a web tool
Another option for webdesign is Microsoft's Publisher. If you are already familar with this program, this might be the best option for you! Follow Microsoft's assistance below.
Microsoft's Publisher Tips

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